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Pot Farm Info presents detailed info for
Puffle (Orange, Black, Grey, White, Calico). (See ALL ITEMS HERE.)

Puffle (Orange, Black, Grey, White, Calico)
  • Puffle (Orange, Black, Grey, White, Calico)
  • Type/Source: repeater
  • The link for this page is
  • Available to levels: 1+
  • Availability: EXPIRED limited time offer.
  • Date First Introduced: 2012-05-09
  • Original Expiration Date: 2012-06-01
  • Click for more info on the "scifi" theme (including other items).
  • Purchase price: 5 pot bucks.
  • XP received when purchasing: 100
  • Coins received for selling it: 50
  • Protection: 1
  • Spaces: 1
  • Giftable? NO
  • Daily Bread (income): NONE
  • Notes:
  • Puffles are no longer available in the store. If you need them for quests, you need to find them on the newsfeed as a share post. (They can be shared when players collect from them.)

    When you collect from your puffle, you'll get another puffle and a puffle pile. The puffle will be in your gift box and will show what color you got.

    Puffles are NOT giftable. Puffle PILES are. They are two separate items. (Puffles are like Pot Head CROWDS. Puffle PILES are like Pot Heads.)
    The xp gained from puffle collection was reduced from 10xp to 1xp. Also puffles now only sell for 50 coins instead of the 500 they were originally.

    When these were available in the store, when you bought a puffle, you got one of the 5 color varieties. When you go to placed it on your farm, you found out what color you would get. You could place it or cancel if it wasn't the color you want (for quests).

Puffle (Orange, Black, Grey, White, Calico) repeater characteristics:

  • This item IS a REPEATER. It generates 1 Puffle, 1 Puffle Pile and 1XP every .
  • When you collect from this item, you can share a Puffle with your neighbors.
  • The first 1 player to click one of these posts will be able to collect a Puffle.
  • Share Category: Critters (Puffles)
  • Daily Limit: Players can collect from up to 5 Critters (Puffles) share posts per day.
  • Compare this with other repeaters on the REPEATER PAGE.

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